Monday, March 8, 2010

Mock Draft, Version 2.0 (Post Combine and the first weekend of Free Agency)

Selections from mock draft 1.0 are italicized and smaller....

1) St. Louis (1-15) Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame
Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma-His arm checks out, and the Rams have already spent a small fortune on their DL. Time to get a franchise QB, and let Spags coach up that D.
2) Detroit (2-14) Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska
Suh DT Nebraska-If it were up to me, I'd go OT here.Okung to protect the franchise QB.
3) Tampa Bay (3-13) Gerald McCoy DE Oklahoma
Gerald McCoy DL Oklahoma-The Tampa D hopes they get Warren Sapp, V 2.0
4) Washington (4-12) Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma
Russell Okung, OT Oklahoma State-They might go with Claussen, but not after Pro Bowl LT Chris Samuels retired last month.
5) Kansas City (4-12) Eric Berry S Tennessee
Dan Williams NT USC-KC needs a NT for their 3-4, and I wouldn't want to go near Terrance Cody at the top of the second round. Once again, KC snatches a top DL from Cleveland just like last year. Berry will probably be the pick, but don't count out Bulaga from Iowa. Scott Pioli and Iowa HC Kirk Ferentz go way back...
6) Seattle (5-11) Russell Okung OT Oklahoma State
Jimmy Claussen QB Golden Domers-If anyone knows if this kid can play in the NFL, it's Pete Carroll, who tried to recruit him to play at nearby USC. OT is another need, but they'll just see what is available for them with their other first round pick.
7) Cleveland (5-11) Joe Haden CB Florida
Eric Berry S Tennessee-Is this draft pure homerism at its best, or what? Seriously though, with the emergence of Bradford Berry becomes the odd man out of the top 5-6 picks. Especially if Seattle or KC looks hard at one of the standout OTs.
8) Oakland (5-11) Anthony Davis OT Rutgers
Jason Pierre-Paul DE USF-Don't be surprised to see either of the workout warriors Pierre-Paul or Taylor Mays picked by Al Davis. An OT wouldn't hurt, though; but I guess that's why I drive a fire truck and sling drinks for a living...
9) Buffalo (6-10) Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma State
Trent Williams OT Oklahoma-Great OT prospect that can play either side of the line, which is a good thing considering they have no LT and their starting RT just retired.
10) Jacksonville^ (7-9) Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech
Earl Thomas S/CB Texas-The Jags filled a HUGE hole at DE with Aaron Kampman, and creating a bookend set of DEs with Derrick Morgan is a legit thought. Earl Thomas is a ball-hawking playmaker that can slide in and play CB if needed. Thomas was a top 20 pick before the combine, but his 40" vertical and 4.44 40 bump him up another tax bracket.
11) Denver - from Chicago^ (7-9) Rolando McClain ILB Alabama
Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma State-The broncs can now say goodbye to malcontent Brandon Marshall, and replace him with a budding talented malcontent in Bryant.
12) Miami (7-9) Jason Pierre-Paul DE/OLB South Florida
Sergio Kindle OLB Texas-After coming off the ledge after Parcells son-in-law Pioli snagged the Dolphins' future NT, they are happy to find Joey Porter's replacement to be the talented young Texas prospect. With Kindle and new FA signee Karlos Dansby, the Dolphins' LB corps is quickly becoming a strength.
13) San Francisco (8-8) Sergio Kindle DE/OLB Texas
Joe Haden CB Florida-Haden's poor combine performance is the 4ers gain, as they are giddy like schoolgirls over Haden falling into their laps. Look for Haden to move up in the next mock, if his numbers at the UF Pro Day (3/17) show marked improvement.
14) Seattle - from Denver (8-8) CJ Spiller RB Clemson
Bryan Bulaga OT Iowa-This couldn't have turned out better for Pete Carroll's first draft with Seattle. I was going to make Bulaga the pick at six, but changed my mind. Anyways, I'd look for an OT here, if in fact Carroll thinks that Claussen is his guy at QB.
15) New York Giants (8-8) Dan Williams DT USC
Rolando McClain LB Alabama-McClain is a perfect fit for the Giants, after their release of MLB Antonio Pierce. McClain made many of the calls at the LOS in the complex Nick Saban 3-4 defense, and will have the luxury of quite a bit of talent around him.
16) Tennessee^ (8-8) Carlos Dunlap DE Florida
Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech-This 4-3 DE fell mainly because of all the 3-4 defenses picking before the Titans. He was the Jags choice in the first mock, and still might be in real life. Either way, he fills a big need for Tennessee after they lose their DE to Detroit.
17) San Francisco - from Carolina^ (8-8) Earl Thomas S Texas
CJ Spiller RB Clemson-The 49ers will find a nice role for the speedy RB, as both a backup as well as a tandem with Frank Gore. OLB is also a realistic possibility here, as well.
18) Pittsburgh (9-7) Bruce Campbell OT Maryland
Anthony Davis OT Rutgers-The shrewd Pittsburgh FO doesn't get glamoured by Bruce Campbell, and instead goes for the talented underclassman. OG Iupati is a real possibility as well, but their OT play last year was ridiculous and needs to be addressed yesterday.
19) Atlanta^ (9-7) Everson Griffen DE USC
Carlos Dunlap DE Florida-Another talented Gator falls in the draft, and the Falcons are happy to benefit. Dunlap has exceptional talent, and a no-frills coach like Mike Smith could be a perfect match to keep him producing....and in line.
20) Houston^ (9-7) Mike Iupati OG Idaho
Kyle Wilson CB Boise State-This promising CB prospect will probably keep rising up until draft day, and I would not be shocked to see Wilson overtake Joe Haden as the first CB taken. The Texans have a huge hole after losing Dunta Robinson to free agency.
21) Cincinnati* (10-6) Golden Tate WR Notre Dame
Mike Iupati OG Idaho-I can't see this guy falling much further than here. Cincy will most likely take a WR at this spot, but as of today the Bengals are doing quite a bit of FA WR hosting. I fully expect them to sign a WR FA, or trade for Brandon Marshall.
22) New England* (10-6) Brandon Graham OLB Michigan
Jared Odrick DL Penn State-After securing NT Vince Wolfork to a long-term deal, Bill Belicheck wastes no time in replacing Richard Seymour by selecting this Nittany Lion. Odrick could go anywhere from #7-38, but some scouts say he is better than last years #3 pick Tyson Jackson. The Pats also have a ton of second round picks to go after CBs and OLBs. 23) Green Bay* (11-5) Brian Beluga OT Iowa
Bruce Campbell OT Maryland-Green Bay resigned Chad Clifton, and lost pass rusher Aaron Kampman to free agency, but this is a top-flight OT prospect they are getting at the end of round one. Graham from UM is a possibility here, as well.
24) Philadelphia* (11-5) Will Weatherspoon OLB Missouri
Will Witherspoon LB Missouri-Andy Reid should be able to keep this talented show-off in check, and should make for a wonderful partnership. Perfect fit.
25) Baltimore* (9-7) Jermaine Gresham TE Oklahoma State
Patrick Robinson CB Florida State-Trading for WR Anquan Boldin filled a big need, and selecting Robinson will address another big hole in the Ravens. Golden Tate may be too good to pass up, if he is still around.....
26) Arizona* (10-6) Ricky Sapp OLB Clemson
Golden Tate WR Notre Dame-All of a sudden, the Cardinals have a bunch of holes to fill-QB, WR, and LB (they traded for S Kerry Rhoades after releasing Rolle). Tate gives the Cards flexibility to let Steve Breaston focus on offense, and can allow to be eased into the offense as the year goes on.
27) Dallas* (11-5) Trent Williams OT Oklahoma
Taylor Mays S USC-Jerry Jones would be beside himself if the first round played out like this. Mays had a terrific combine, and could be a big help in the defensive backfield...if he ever develops some recognition skills. He should turn out better than the Cowpokes last highly-drafted S, Roy Williams.
28) San Diego* (13-3) Brian Price DT UCLA
Ryan Matthews RB Fresno State-Matthews showed great speed at the combine, running 4.4s at 220 lbs. He makes the perfect thunder to Darren Sproles' lightning. The Chargers could also look at DT Brian Price, after releasing longtime NT Jamal Williams.
29) New York Jets* (9-7) Corey Wooten DE Northwestern
Brandon Graham OLB/DE Michigan-The Jets might look long and hard at Northwestern's Wooten to replace their aged DEs, but Rex Ryan might not be able to pass up the thought of adding this powerful pass rusher to his pressure-cooker defense. A WR that doesn't try to make catches with his helmet might help, as well. 30) Minnesota* (12-4) Kyle Wilson CB Boise State
Brian Price DT UCLA-The vaunted Vikings interior DL, while still formidable, is hardly young. Price gives them a young set of legs to work in the DL rotation. A CB is a good possibility, as well.
31) Indianapolis* (14-2) Jared Odrick DT Penn State
Charles Brown OT USC-The Tony Ugoh LT party is over. Brown can start inside, then jump over to RT, and then try his luck at LT. The Colts' last two playoff games showed just how mortal their OL has become.
32) New Orleans* (13-3) Jerry Hughes OLB TCU
Everson Griffen DE USC-A perfect fit for a 4-3 attacking defense, which is now without a starting DE. Another choice could be a replacement for the aging and unrestricted Darren Sharper...

Bonus Picks

2nd round

St Louis-Taylor Mays S USC Ricky Sapp OLB Clemson

Detroit-Patrick Robinson CB FSU Brandon Ghee CB Wake Forest

Tampa Bay-Regus Benn WR Illinois Nate Allen S South Florida

Kansas City-Terrance Cody NT Alabama Jermaine Gresham TE Oklahoma

Washington-Jonathon Dwyer RB Georgia Tech Jerry Hughes OLB TCU

Cleveland-Brandon Spikes ILB Florida Damian Williams WR USC-Despite Cleveland's gaping whole at CB, Williams is hard to look beyond. Great route runner, nice hands, and a very good grasp of the game is a combination that new GM Tom Heckert will be hard-pressed to look past. This is a Heckert type of WR, which is the only reason I am thinking they don't draft CB here.

Pittsburgh-Donovan Warren CB Michigan Brandon Spikes MLB Michigan

(Using top 225 for the rest of the Browns' picks)
Cleveland Browns' Remaining selections:
3a/#72) Toby Gerhart RB Stanford
3b/#93) Syd'Quan Thompson CB California
4/#103) Jacoby Ford WR Clemson
5a/#131) Darrell Stuckey SS Kansas
5b/#134) Kyle Calloway OT Iowa
5c/#157) Brandon Lang DE/OLB Troy
5d/#168) Mike Kafka QB Northwestern
6a/#176) Clifton Geathers DE South Carolina
6b/#199) John Skelton QB Fordham

Thursday, February 18, 2010

2010 NFL Mock Draft, Version 1.0

Pre-combine and Free Agency. No comments, because this is just a first attempt and draft boards will change quite a few times before late April. I'll try to squeeze a couple more of these out every two weeks or so, but no guarantees...

1) St. Louis (1-15) Jimmy Clausen QB Notre Dame
2) Detroit (2-14) Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska
3) Tampa Bay (3-13) Gerald McCoy DE Oklahoma
4) Washington (4-12) Sam Bradford QB Oklahoma
5) Kansas City (4-12) Eric Berry S Tennessee
6) Seattle (5-11) Russell Okung OT Oklahoma State
7) Cleveland (5-11) Joe Haden CB Florida
8) Oakland (5-11) Anthony Davis OT Rutgers
9) Buffalo (6-10) Dez Bryant WR Oklahoma State
10) Jacksonville^ (7-9) Derrick Morgan DE Georgia Tech
11) Denver - from Chicago^ (7-9) Rolando McClain ILB Alabama
12) Miami (7-9) Jason Pierre-Paul DE/OLB South Florida
13) San Francisco (8-8) Sergio Kindle DE/OLB Texas
14) Seattle - from Denver (8-8) CJ Spiller RB Clemson
15) New York Giants (8-8) Dan Williams DT USC
16) Tennessee^ (8-8) Carlos Dunlap DE Florida
17) San Francisco - from Carolina^ (8-8) Earl Thomas S Texas
18) Pittsburgh (9-7) Bruce Campbell OT Maryland
19) Atlanta^ (9-7) Everson Griffen DE USC
20) Houston^ (9-7) Mike Iupati OG Idaho
21) Cincinnati* (10-6) Golden Tate WR Notre Dame
22) New England* (10-6) Brandon Graham OLB Michigan
23) Green Bay* (11-5) Brian Beluga OT Iowa
24) Philadelphia* (11-5) Will Weatherspoon OLB Missouri
25) Baltimore* (9-7) Jermaine Gresham TE Oklahoma State
26) Arizona* (10-6) Ricky Sapp OLB Clemson
27) Dallas* (11-5) Trent Williams OT Oklahoma
28) San Diego* (13-3) Brian Price DT UCLA
29) New York Jets* (9-7) Corey Wooten DE Northwestern
30) Minnesota* (12-4) Kyle Wilson CB Boise State
31) Indianapolis* (14-2) Jared Odrick DT Penn State
32) New Orleans* (13-3) Jerry Hughes OLB TCU

Bonus Picks
2nd round
St Louis-Taylor Mays S USC
Detroit-Patrick Robinson CB FSU
Tampa Bay-Regus Benn WR Illinois
Kansas City-Terrance Cody NT Alabama
Washington-Jonathon Dwyer RB Georgia Tech
Cleveland-Brandon Spikes ILB Florida

Pittsburgh-Donovan Warren CB Michigan

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Toughest Competitor Alive

6/23/09-Florida Police & Fire Games

Wow, what a fun and unique event this was! I first heard of this competition last fall, and missed the cutoff date for registering. I almost did it again this year, but managed to sneak in at the last minute. I figured my CrossFit training regimen would keep me fairly well-prepared for this competition, but I didn't figure to be able to keep up with the guys that train year-round for this specific event...and I was pretty much right (although I did have a few surprises). It's basically an 8-event competition with a similar scoring method as a decathlon.
The monsoon rains had the event directors shuffling the events around quite a bit, and a few guys mentioned how differently it affected their performances. After the first few events, I was able to start talking with the top guys in my age group, and found out my AG was stacked! I had the top two guys from the 18-29 AG worlds last year, that are now 30; also, the top two from 30-34 worlds last year were here as well, included in that group were the top guys from last year's FLA games. So any thoughts of me sneaking out with a medal quickly went up in flames. Here is a quick (sort of) recap of each event, in order:

20 ' Rope Climb: I didn't even expect to score in this, as I was having trouble when I practiced this event last week at the CrossFit gym. I had :23 to complete the ascent, with the main rule being I cannot use my legs to hold onto the rope. I was really happy to get : 13.5 for my first climb, until I saw everyone else in my AG getting up to the top in under seven seconds. So I tried once again, and did it in about the same amount. Like I said, I was happy just to get some points in this event, but I quickly fell out of contention with this first event.

Three Mile Run: I figured I could cut into some of my defecit with this event, but I was wrong. The course was half-road, half-grass, which didn't do me any favors time-wise. I was still pretty pleased with my 22:08 run time, which gave me the 15th highest run for the day. Unfortunately, I was fourth in my AG. The other three guys finished around the 19:00 mark. Most of the top performers in my AG were small, wiry, military-type built guys that are small and quick.

Bench Press: The rules here were that you were only allowed two attempts, and you have to increase your weight on the second try. I haven't done a 1RM BP in years, and I've only done body-weight BP on a smith machine a handful of times in the past year. Just to make sure I had some points, I did 250# on my first attempt no problem. I was thinking of trying 300# for the points, but since I've never done it before I went with 280#, which would still be my max. I nailed the 280# no problem, and probably could have gotten up the 300# as well. Oh well. I was pleasantly surprised to find out I ended up with the 2nd highest BP for my AG.

100 Yard Swim: The last time I swam was the 2008 Baldwin Park Sprint Tri, June of last year. My plan was to use the Total Immersion swimming method, and not max myself out. Also, I did not want to look like an ass out in the pool. I stayed in the rear of the main group, and ended up with a 1:19.47 for the swim. When I do easy laps, they are in the :55 second range, so averaging :40 per lap for this is quite pleasing-considering the layoff from the pool. I think I ended up 4th or 5th in this event.

16# Shot Put: Given I was bigger than most of the guys in my AG, I thought I might be able to gain some ground with this event. The caveat being I haven't done a shot put since I was in 6th or 7th grade, with my Grandpa coaching me in CYO track. One thing I've learned through CrossFit is how important activation of the hips is, with regards to athletic movements. I gave a practice attempt before I started, and just focused on rapid opening of my hips when I released the shot. Most of the guys in my AG were no better than 35 feet, except for one monster tossing it over 43' (this guy was sick-6'3", 240# solid, and a great all-around athlete. I'm pretty sure he won, plus he's a FF). So I started low, and got a really nice hip "pop" and arm extension...39'3"! Turns out that was 2nd in my AG, but it was also the second-farthest toss of the entire day! Looks like Grandpa Bill's fundamentals are no joke!

Obstacle Course: The obstacle course started with a 140# sled drag/pull for 20 feet, followed by an 8' wall climb. After you scale the wall, you go under a series of 20" hurdles, then to a set of tires (think agility drills), around a set of cones, and then you have to jump over a 36" hurdle. You then turn around and jump three 20" hurdles as you sprint to the finish. The nice thing about this event is that you race two at a time, so you have someone to compete against. Of course, I had the guy that set the AG record at this event last year-WTF! Anyways, I had a minute miscue on the wall climb, which put me behind the guy I was racing. I caught up to him on the high jump, as I cleared the 3' hurdle no problem, and he tripped on the way down. He edged me out on the sprint, but my time was probably 3rd highest in my AG at :35.0.

Max Pullups: I wasn't too excited about these, as the original rules call for dead-hang pullups (no kipping). The event director said she would accept kipping for today, which made me happy; however, the free-standing PU bar they used was kind of flimsy. Most of the top guys in my AG were doing 28-40, and I was hoping for somewhere in the 25-30 range. Once I got on the bar and started moving more than I thought on my kips, I knew it wasn't happening. I ended up with 19 pullups, which erased any hopes I had of placing top three. My arms were pretty shot after the rope climbs, swimming, shot put, bench press, and wall climb.

100 Meter Dash: I had no clue what to expect from my tired-a$$ legs with this event. After the obstacle course, I had quite a bit of relaxing time in the AC of the weight room for the pullup portion of the day. When we went to the track one more time, my hips and legs were tight. I spent some time stretching out, working on my start, and just wanted to finish the day without ripping a hammy. My heat was all the top guys in my AG, so I had a good idea as to where I'd finish. My start was a little slow (although it seemed like two guys in my heat enjoyed a head start), but I kept my strides short and fast the first 50m. Once I opened my stride for the second half, I was surprised I was able to reel in a few guys. My finish time was :13.5, good enough for 4th or 5th (I'm pretty sure myreal time was :13.2, because they gave that time to the guy next to me-who I finished slightly ahead of). I was going to say something, but I didn't want to sound like a douche to these kind volunteers who have been outside all day with us. If I find out I missed 3rd place by like ten points, then I'll regret it.

I hung out after the event for about twenty minutes, but they weren't even close to finishing hand-calculating the totals. I figured I didn't medal, and they were finished with a rough draft of mine and told me I had 4th place....and no I wasn't even close to the bronze medal, either. Once I got home, I was able to calculate my score. My estimated total score is 5262, which seems about right. According to the past year's results, 5262 is still a few hundred points away from the podium. Still not bad for the new guy....
I was able to talk with quite a few guys about their training, and discovered many started specifically training for this event in March/April. Suffice to say, they weren't pleased to hear me say that I just started doing a few things as prep with ONE WEEK OUT! Ha! Not to mention that I haven't swam in a year, thrown a shot since the mid 80s, ran a 100m dash, or set up an obstacle course.
One of the other competitors told me that the World Police/Fire Games are usually held in Orlando, at Disney's Wide World of Sports complex every year. Maybe I'll see how my schedule looks in late-September, and perhaps I can dedicate two weeks of prep for the event!

Friday, April 24, 2009

CrossFit Games Qualifier

OK sports fans, this was on my list of activities I had planned for 2009. The SE CrossFit Qualifiers is a precursor to the CrossFit Games held this July in Aromas, California. The top seven men and women of this weekend's fun get to go to Cali. Since the competitors consist of 94 various guy that either own or are trainers at CF gyms (aka Affiliates), and myself, I don't give myself much of a chance to crack the top seven-or top half for that matter. Still, the workouts planned play more into my strengths that some of the other Qualifiers, so that makes me a bit more optomistic. Here are the workouts planned for Saturday, with Sunday's final workout being revealed about 12 hours before its supposed to start.

The Dirty South Event WOD's!

Saturday AM Event WOD #1

3 min Max Points Suicide Run

2 min Rest

3 min Max Rep Deadlift (275 lb. Men) (185 lb. Women)

All competitors will complete the AM WOD, then after 3 1/2 hours rest begin one of their two afternoon WOD's. Some competitors will begin the afternoon with Event WOD #2 and some will begin with Event WOD #3. The afternoon Event WOD order is randomly predetermined for all competitors. All competitors will be given equal rest between WOD's.

Saturday PM Event WOD #2

5 Rounds for time of:

20 Double Unders

10 Wall Ball (20 lb. Men) (14 lb. Women) all 10 ft. target

1 Rope Climb 15 ft.

There will be a 15 minute time limit for this workout

Saturday PM Event WOD #3

8 min AMRAP of:

5 Clean and Jerk (135 lb. Men) (95 lb. Women)
(From the ground by any recognized clean to full extension overhead)

10 Chest to Bar Pull Ups Check for updates, scoring explanations, as well as video demos of the workouts. I should be able to write a pretty detailed summary sometime tomorrow (4/25/09) night, in between my overdosing on Mel Kiper's hair product.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

16 more wins.....

That's it-just 16 more wins for my Cleveland Cavaliers, and my hometown will finally break its streak of sports futility. Sixteen wins equals winning all of their playoff series, including the NBA Finals. They start off Saturday against Detroit, and if everything goes as planned will play the winner of Hawks/Heat. The Conference finals will most likely be the winner of Boston/Orlando, KG or not, I think Orlando will be the winner. Orlando scares the crap out of me, for a matchup versus the Cavs. Teams with strong big men always do well against the Cavs, hopefully Big Ben Wallace will channel his DPOY days for the playoffs. The Lakers scare me as well-even though the Cavs have homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs, the Lakers are the ONLY team to win a game at the Quicken Loans arena.

I love this team. I love how they have so much fun with the pregame "photo ops". I love how everyone on the team really seems to generally like each other. Watch how LeBron looks to the bench for approval after every thunderous slam dunk-he's not staring the guy he posterized down, he's looking to see how 9th and 10th men Terrance Kinsey and JJ Hickson evaluate that last move. I really like how Varajeo is fitting in to the rotation, and Delonte West? Delonte West is quickly becoming one of my favorite all-time Cavs, behind LBJ and Dan Majerle (hey he was with us for a year). West is the Cavs BEST on-the-ball defender, a great fill-the-blank guy that will do whatever is necessary at the time. Plus he's a bit eccentric. Whenever he shoots, I always yell out "Redz!" which is his nickname. My wife thinks thats pretty funny, because I do it all the time in front of the TV. I hope I'm not putting the cart before the horse with this Title Talk, but I think this team is really special.

Let's hope they don't "Cleveland it up".

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mock Draft, Version 2.0-Crazy Trade Edition

Just reading the tea leaves, and projecting a couple of trades....I really hope this doesn't happen, BTW. As always, I apologize if I forget anyone.

1) Detroit: Matthew Stafford QB Georgia
2) St. Louis: Jason Smith OT Baylor
3) Kansas City: Aaron Curry LB Wake Forest
4) Seattle: Michael Crabtree WR Texas Tech
5) Cleveland: Mark Sanchez QB USC
6) Cincinnatti: Eugene Monroe OT Virginia
7) Oakland: Brian Orakpo DE Texas
8) Jacksonville: Jeremy Maclin WR
9) Green Bay: BJ Raji DT Boston College
10) San Fransisco: Michael Johnson DE Georgia Tech
11) Buffalo: Everett Brown DE FSU
12) Denver: Michael Jenkins DB OSU
13) Washington: Andre Smith OT Alabama
14) New Orleans: Aaron Maybin DE/OLB Penn State
15) Houston: Chris Wells RB OSU
16) San Diego: Rey Mauluga LB USC
17) New York Jets: Brian Cushing LB USC
18) Denver (from Chicago): Traded to Browns for QB Brady Quinn
Browns select: Tyson Jackson DE LSU
19) Tampa Bay: Josh Freeman QB Kansas State
20) Detroit (from Dallas): Robert Ayers DC Tennessee
21) Philadelphia: Michael Oher OT Ole Miss
22) Minnesota: Hakeem Nicks WR North Carolina
23) New England: Clay Matthews OLB USC
24) Atlanta: Brandon Pettigrew TE Oklahoma State
25) Miami: Vontae Davis CB Illinois
26) Baltimore: Darius Heyward-Bey WR NC State
27) Indianapolis: Peria Jerry DT Ole Miss
28) Philadelphia (from Carolina): Knowshon Moreno RB Georgia
29) New York Giants: Traded with #91 to Browns for WR Braylon Edwards
Browns select: Alex Mack C California
30) Tennessee: Ziggy Hood DT Missouri
31) Arizona: LeShon McCoy RB Pittsburgh
32) Pittsburgh: Ebon Britton OT Arizona

Browns' remaining picks
Rd2/36) Larry English OLB Northern Illinois
Rd2/50-from TB per KWII trade) Kenny Britt WR Rutgers
Rd3/91-from NYG per BE17 trade) Andy Levitre OL Oregon State
Rd4/104) Michael Mitchell S Ohio
Rd 6/177) BPA

Of course, phone calls to Torry Holt, Marvin Harrison, and Rodney Harrison's respective agents will be placed on draft weekend. Seriously though, I'm trying to figure out if Magini is really smitten by Sanchez, or if he is just trying to get someone to trade up to the #5 spot to get him. It might be only a coincidence that the Browns' new QB coach was Sanchez's QB coach at USC. As much as I like Brady Quinn (and invested big $$ on a BQ game jersey), it's tough to fault the Browns' above draft. The above scenario immediately makes our top receivers Martin Ruck and David Patten, which doesn't scare anyone. I'll continue to be on the lookout for more info, one way or another on this event.

Friday, April 3, 2009

2009 NFL Mock Draft, version 1.0

Hey guys, I'll throw some more stuff on here in the next few weeks; however, here is my first crack at the upcoming first round of the NFL draft. Yes I am a dork. I honestly feel the Browns will trade down from #5, but as of today I'll just go with a straight-up pick and hold my draft philosophizing until the next mocks I put up. I hope I don't forget someone/team.....

1) Detroit: Jason Smith OT Baylor

2) St. Louis: Eugene Monroe OT Virgina

3) Kansas City: Aaron Curry OLB Wake Forest

4) Seattle: Matthew Stafford QB Georgia

5) Cleveland: Brian Orakpo OLB/DE Texas

6) Cincinasti: Michael Crabtree WR Texas Tech

7) Oakland: Jeremy Maclin WR Mizzou

8) Jacksonville: Mark Sanchez QB USC

9) Green Bay: Malcolm Jenkins CB THEosu

10) San Fransisco: Andre Smith OT Alabama

11) Buffalo: Everette Brown DE FSU

12) Denver: BJ Raji DT BC

13) Washington: Michael Oher OT Mississippi

14) New Orleans: Aaron Maybin OLB PSU

15) Houston: Vontae Davis CB Illinois

16) San Diego: Rey Mauluga LB USC

17) New York Jets: Josh Freeman QB Kansas State

18) Denver (from Chicago): Tyson Jackson DE LSU

19) Tampa Bay: Ziggy Hood DT Mizzou

20) Detroit (from Dallas): Peira Jerry DT Ole Miss

21) Eagles: Beanie Wells RB tOSU

22) Minnesota: Percy Harvin WR UF

23) New England: Brian Cushing OLB USC

24) Atlanta: Clay Matthews III OLB USC

25) Miami: Darius Heyward-Bey WR Maryland

26) Baltimore: Larry English LB Southern Illinois

27) Indianapolis: Robert Ayers DE Tennessee

28) Philadelphia: Brandon Pettigrew TE Oklahoma State

29) New York Giants: Kenny Britt WR Rutgers

30) Tennessee: Ron Brace DT Boston College

31) Arizona: Knowshown Moreno RB Georgia

32) Pittsburgh: Alex Mack C California

Cleveland Round Two Selections
37) Jarron Gilbert DE San Jose State
50) Sean Smith S/CB Utah